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We’re experts in the packaging industry

We specialize in custom packaging. Inside and out.

We’re experts in the packaging industry. That’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

The Crownhill team works hard to provide you with the best in custom packaging solutions. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your business succeeds and your expectations are exceeded. Our partnerships with top industry suppliers give our customers access to high quality packaging materials, providing both unmatched product protection during shipping and competitive pricing.

Crownhill offers a full line of packaging options and materials, as well as storage and shipping solutions.


A real staple for any operation, in a wide variety of styles and finishes


One of the most versatile and protective packaging products available


The best way to ship and protect your smaller, but just as important, products


Plastic air cushioning to protect your most sensitive and fragile materials


Wrap your shipments in a variety of puncture-resistant styles and colours


Add security and flair to your packaging in a number of options


The next generation of cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging fill


Portable and well-stocked kits designed to help handle on-site incidents


We supply, install and service a variety of packaging systems for our clients

Quality Custom Packaging Products for Your Business

We carry a complete line of packaging materials designed to protect goods of all shapes and sizes. Some of our most popular packaging options include:

As part of your complete packaging solution, certain products can be customized to add extra flair to your package design. Corrugated material can be die-cut, coated and laminated, feature your company colours and logo, product information and more. Foam can be die-cut into varying shapes, stretch wrap comes in a variety of colours, and tape can even be custom printed.

We have the ability to work with you on any custom solution. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the packaging industry, and ensuring we meet all client needs, whether it’s for business use or resale. That’s why we carry a diverse assortment of products such as Kraft paper rolls, shipping tags, poly and courier bags, packing slip envelopes and more—all in a variety of sizes and colours.

Crownhill knows that every business is different, and so is every packaging solution. That’s why we offer free business consultations. We are dedicated to finding you the best solution for all of your packaging, shipping, and mailing needs.

Obtain Optimal Packaging Solutions with Crownhill Packaging

Just as packaging has to come in different sizes, so too does its amount. Regardless of the size of your business, we’ll make sure your product runs come in manageable minimum quantities.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to packaging. Box size and type, choice of void fill, colours and style, even shipping options. Your product is only as good as the packaging it’s shipped in.

We’re experts at finding the right box for the right product. Our consultants will find the best packaging solution for your business, and we’re known for saving you money on shipping just by offering the most suitable packaging material for your needs.

Request a free quote for a packaging solution. We can’t wait to work with you.

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