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Our custom packaging solutions can encompass everything you need for your business

Specialized Packaging Services

Custom packaging solutions that elevate your shipments can make a significant difference to your company’s reputation. By investing in professional packaging solutions, you can ensure your products are not only well-protected but also well-presented.

At Crownhill Packaging, we provide custom, high-quality solutions for all your packaging needs. Explore our services below—they’re designed to protect your products, build customer loyalty, and ultimately drive sales and growth.

Packaging Design

Our packaging experts have experience in a variety of industries and can create the attention-grabbing packaging your products deserve. We’ll help you balance costs with product protection to create the packaging strategy that serves you best.


By partnering with Pregis, we’re proud to offer our clients the IntelliPack System, a new way to create foam-in-place packaging. Our molding capabilities enable us to offer a wide range of custom molds and hybrid packaging solutions.

Packaging Assembly

We can take the guesswork out of your packaging solutions through assembly and sub-assembly services. Your packaging components can be constructed and pre-assembled in our facilities, ensuring your packaging is ready to go when you are.


Whatever the size or shape of your product, we’ll create custom cut materials that ensure the safe delivery of your goods. Our use of durable foam and other laminated packaging materials simultaneously protects and showcases your product.

Custom Gluing

No matter what you’re shipping, you want your packaging to stand up to the rigors of shipping across North America.
We offer custom adhesives and gluing options that ensure specialized packaging maintains its integrity
during transit.

Product Conversion

If stock packaging isn’t suitable for your product needs, we’ll create a packaging solution that is. Whether it’s bubble wrap®, packing foam or another material, we can customize its size, shape and style to properly fit, cradle and protect your products.

Advantages of Custom Product Package Design

Our services are designed to deliver you a quality custom packaging solution in a timely manner. There are significant advantages to pursuing custom product package design with Crownhill Packaging:

  • High-quality materials – We have access to durable, innovative, and responsibly-sourced packaging. You’ll make the best impression with industry-grade materials.
  • Competitive pricing – We offer exceptional custom packaging solutions that fit your budget. You’ll rest easy knowing you’re protected without spending a fortune.
  • Eco-friendly packaging options – We’re proud to offer sustainable and eco-friendly packaging your customers will appreciate. Choose from paper mailers, bio-peanuts, air pillows, and more.

Reach Out to Crownhill Packaging for Quality Packaging Services

Our variety of packaging services perfectly matches any item and aligns with your company's needs. We provide access to packaging design, die-cutting, molding and gluing, package assembly, product conversion, and more.

Elevate your packaging and ensure it makes the right impression on your customers. Contact our professionals today for quality packaging services, no matter what you need to ship.

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