Custom Packaging Tape

Add strength, security and flair to your packaging

Packing tape is an essential part of any industrial, commercial, and retail operation. A simple yet effective solution for carton sealing, labelling, repairs, and many other issues.

From duct tape to laminates, electrical tape to hot melt adhesive, Crownhill offers a variety of tape for many different uses. Our custom packaging tape provides additional security and flair to your packaging. Seal, label, and repair your packages with this versatile solution.

Crownhill Packaging is your number one choice for innovative packaging solutions in North America. Contact us today to learn more about our custom packaging tape and supplies.

Custom Printed Packing Tape For Your Products

Every packaging design is unique, which is why we have plenty of variety when it comes to packaging tape.

We offer customizable printed packing tape options that allow you to show off your brand, provide handling instructions, or communicate with end users.

Whether you’re looking to add flair or enhance security, we have any style of tape you need:

  • Branded packing tape to elevate your brand image.
  • Custom printed tape featuring instructions for the end-user.
  • Machine options to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Compatibility with specific adhesive types.

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Packing Tape Types

We provide the following types of packaging tape to support your strategy:

  • Water-activated tape
  • Pressure-sensitive tape
  • Tamper-evident tape
  • Printed tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Duct tape
  • Double-coated tape
  • Coloured tape

We recognize that each business is different and requires unique adhesives, tape types, and handling instructions for their products, which is why we supply such a wide variety of tape solutions.

Why Use Packing Tape In Your Shipping Strategy?

Using packing tape for shipping products has several benefits including enhancing safety, efficiency, and the presentation of your products. With easy application and customization options, it's a cost-effective and professional solution.

Here’s just a few of the top benefits of using packaging tape:

  • Protecting fragile items – you can use custom tape with instructions to notify warehouse staff and couriers that a package is fragile, ensuring it reaches the customer in top condition.
  • Overlapping flaps – support the integrity of your corrugated boxes with tape to cover overlapping flaps.
  • Sealing cartons – use packing tape to ensure your cartons are not accidentally opened during transit, which could lead to missing items.
  • Preventing tampering – tamper-evident tape shows clearly when a package has been tampered with, allowing you to ensure pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs are uncontaminated.
  • Enhance brand visibility and recognition – customize the packaging tape with your company logo or branding to create a professional and cohesive packaging experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Choose Crownhill Packaging For Your Packing Supplies

Ready to elevate your brand with custom printed tape and packaging tape solutions?

Contact us today to discuss your packaging requirements and let our experts help you find the packaging supplies to meet the needs of your business. Stand out from the competition and take your packaging to the next level with Crownhill Packaging!

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