December 4, 2020 — Crownhill Packaging Offers Environmentally Friendly Cold Chain Packaging Solutions to Canada

Two examples of Vericool Plus Fiber boxes.

Crownhill Packaging is pleased to announce a new range of sustainable packaging solutions through their recent distribution partnership with Vericool®.


TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 4, 2020 — Crownhill Packaging, one of Canada’s largest independent packaging companies, has announced a new set of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging products to its product range. By establishment of a distribution relationship with US company Vericool®, the packaging provider is intent on bringing to market a proven sustainable solution to Canadian businesses working in a wide variety of industries ranging from medicine to food and beverage.

Vericool® is notable for being a packaging manufacturer with a social conscious. Founded by CEO Darrell Jobe, who was formerly incarcerated before going on to become a successful salesman and entrepreneur, the company is dedicated to giving both its staff and community members a second chance to reform their lives. The mission behind Vericool’s sustainable initiative is to ‘Protect people and our planet by eliminating the use of unsustainable packaging materials’. Crownhill Packaging hopes to echo this message by offering Canadian businesses the opportunity to sell their high-performing and cost-effective packaging across Canada.

The Vericool product line is not only thermally superior to most other environmentally friendly packaging products in the marketplace but also designed to avert the problematic rampant use of Polystyrene and Styrofoam which are heavily used in today’s cold chain cycle.

An example of the Vericooler and its promotional display stand.
The Vericooler, along with the Vericool Plus Blog and Vericool Fiber Box, are now being offered by Crownhill Packaging.

By offering these curbside recyclable and compostable cold chain packaging solutions designed to eliminate consumer disposal concerns, Crownhill Packaging believes these products will provide Canadian companies and consumers with sustainable, environmentally sound alternatives to harmful packaging that continues to pollute our ecosystems globally.

About Crownhill Packaging — Crownhill Packaging is a North American, full-service, custom packaging solutions provider, with comprehensive packaging design, testing and supply services. In addition to package development and prototyping, Crownhill Packaging is ISO 9001:2015 registered, has ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) Test Lab Certification, and is a certified partner in Amazon’s APASS network. Crownhill Packaging is equipped to help customers with material neutral solutions to eliminate damage, minimize package dimension, reduce environmental impacts and enhance the most critical part of any e-commerce transaction: the consumer experience.

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