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The PAC Worldwide Pinnacle award is given out to only one organization annually, and Crownhill Packaging received the distinction on March 11th, 2019. This award is given to a PAC partner that understands the extent of PAC’s product line and uses them to help their customers, as well as a partner that has their values aligned with PAC’s vision for the future of packaging.

PAC Worldwide is a global supplier of innovative poly bubble mailer technology that works with Crownhill’s operations throughout North America. They have been a key part of our operations for the past 15 years, and in that time the relationship has become very tight, due to a constant effort by both sides to strengthen their supplier and customer connections.

“We’re honored to receive this award. We’ve been working with PAC for many years, and are constantly communicating back and forth with them. Crownhill is in the business of being a vital part of many companies supply chain, and we are continually telling customers how important their supply chain is. I feel this award provides that validity that we are practicing what we preach and shows our commitment to our logistics network.”
– Ken Wong, Vice President of Crownhill Packaging.

Crownhill provides PAC mailers to almost every industry that ships through e-commerce. The fact that they’re recyclable, cost-efficient, and user-friendly makes them the perfect option to protect an assortment of offerings in a company’s product line.

The Crownhill Packaging team receiving the PAC Worldwide Pinnacle award on March 11th.

PAC mailers have gone beyond the e-commerce world, and Crownhill has provided them as an option both for retailers who frequently transfer product between retail locations at special request and for delivery companies that need mailing solutions for consumers sending products to each other.

Our relationship with PAC has thrived due to being like-minded innovators, who commit to providing the best packaging solutions for our customers. We’re honored to receive this Pinnacle Award from PAC Worldwide, and we’re looking forward to many years of growth together.

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