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An image of the Saugeen First Nation's Administration Center featuring its logo.

Every holiday season, Crownhill Packaging collects goods in support of a community in need. This year we teamed up with the Saugeen First Nation’s Food Bank and are donating items such as food and hygiene products.

This event is important to Crownhill because it gives us the opportunity to come together as a team and work towards helping others. We’ve held a food drive every holiday season for the past several years, and our employees have been generous in their donations. We’re thankful for their efforts.

Collected at our head office in Brampton, we recently packed up all the donations and sent them off to the Saugeen First Nation’s Food Bank.

An image of two corrugated bins filled with food donations.
Crownhill employees donated two large corrugated bins filled with food and hygiene items.


An image of the food donations loaded into the back of a white van.
Both food donation bins fit snuggly into the delivery van.


An image of the white van used to collect the food donations.
Our company van ready to start its trip to the Saugeen First Nation.


About the Saugeen First Nation

The Saugeen First Nation is an Ojibway First Nation band located along the Saugeen River and Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. Their heritage is rich in color and expression, shown through their dances, works of art, and handmade crafts.

Saugeen’s 1,750 Indigenous residents live in four different reserves which include apartments, band-rented properties, and an Elder’s complex.

Saugeen welcomes visitors to experience Ojibway culture and hospitality in July and August. The Saugeen First Nation Amphitheatre and gardens in the village center—a source of pride for the Nation—host workshops, art programs and festival dances, such as the Three Fires Confederacy Pow Wow.

An image of a man standing outside the Saugeen First Nation Food Bank building.
Our brave team persevered through a classic early Canadian winter storm to complete their delivery.


An image of a man and woman standing in front of the back of the opened van with the food donation bins behind them.
A successful delivery and smiles all around.


About the Saugeen First Nation’s Food Bank and Community Garden Program

The food bank and Community Gardens Programs are part of the Saugeen Food Hub Project. The project provides the community with a large space to implement new food-related services such as soup kitchens, workshops, and community gatherings.

Their food bank program provides much-needed food services to its community members, and currently serves 141 Indigenous households, many consisting of elders and children.

In addition to their food bank program, you can also donate money to their Community Garden Program, which supplies the community with fresh local produce and helps promote food security.

Why Food Banks Need Help

According to Kate Bueckert of CBC News, food banks aren’t supposed to exist in 2022. They were created as part of a quick response to the 1980s recession, but studies instead show that demand has significantly increased in the last 40 years.

The 2021 Hunger Report released by the non-profit organization Feed Ontario states Ontario’s food banks were visited more than 4,353,000 times throughout the year, an increase of 42 percent over the last three years.

It’s a concern these days that need will outgrow supply. As a result, there’s an emphasis on food security and developing food growing programs, especially within First Nation communities living on reserves.

How Can You Help?

Donating any of the following non-perishable items is a wonderful way to help Indigenous communities:

  • Pasta and Sauce
  • School Snacks
  • Juice
  • Canned Fruit and Vegetables
  • Cereal
  • Apple Sauce, Jam, and Peanut Butter
  • Toilet Paper and Kleenex
  • Baby Food and Formula
  • Cookies and Crackers
  • Side Dishes
  • Personal & Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Cat and Dog Food
An image of food donations in boxes on a manual conveyor belt.
Non-perishable food, kid snacks, and baby supplies are always great donations.


You can also learn more about the Saugeen First Nation’s Food Bank and Community Garden Program here. Thanks once again to Crownhill’s employees their generosity.

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