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On February 14th and 15th, our Senior Maintenance Technician Akash Shah visited Tach-It’s New Jersey headquarters to learn more about product maintenance and their 2023 product line.

Tach-It is the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-automatic and hand-held twist tie machines.

Crownhill Packaging is a primary partner of Tach-It in Canada and an authorized dealer in the United States. We value Tach-It’s innovative contributions in the packaging industry, especially for small and ecommerce-based businesses. Their product line ranges from tape dispensers, labelling systems, bag sealers, twist tie machines, and shipping room tools.

Crownhill upgrades its Tach-It product knowledge.

Akash started with us last year, has an Electrical Engineering degree and experience working with machinery and robotics. As our Senior Maintenance Technician, he’s responsible for developing and executing preventative maintenance programs for all production equipment.

As part of his orientation at Crownhill, Akash received an insightful introduction to the Tach-It product line by Vice President Ken Wong. And during his visit to Tach-It’s headquarters, he got to build on his knowledge of their automation equipment.

“During training,” says Akash, “I got the chance to do testing on customer samples, such as label application on zip lock bags and liquid bottles.”

Akash also learned in detail about the Mini-Con L, CTL, and twist-tie machines. “They opened different models of machines, explaining maintenance checkpoints and pointing out the most wearable parts.”

Crownhill upgrades its Tach-It product knowledge.

Tach-It began selling twist-tie machinery and materials for sealing plastic bags in the early 1980s. Their mission is to provide businesses with entry-level automation equipment that’s both cost-effective and minimizes waste.

“Thanks to Akash for visiting our offices to learn about Entry Level Automation products. We are proud to continue working with Crownhill Packaging as our strategic partner,” says Tach-It President Steven Clements.

The two-day training session in New Jersey is one of the many ways Crownhill continues to invest in our employees and ensure they’ve got the product knowledge they need to succeed.

Thanks to Steven Clements and the Tach-It team for their hospitality and this fantastic opportunity. For any inquiries related to Tach-It products, please email us at

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