Embracing a Greener Future: Crownhill Packaging's Innovative Lighting Upgrade

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Embracing a Greener Future: Crownhill Packaging's Innovative Lighting Upgrade

At Crownhill Packaging, our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility has led us to take significant strides in reducing our carbon footprint. Our latest endeavor, a comprehensive lighting upgrade, exemplifies our dedication to energy efficiency and aligns perfectly with our mission to create a more sustainable packaging industry.

The Power of Smart LED Technology

With a forward-thinking approach, we’ve embarked on a journey to minimize our energy consumption across our operations. The installation of our Smart LED upgrade marks a significant milestone in our efforts to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative is not just about upgrading our lighting—it’s about setting course for an eco-friendlier future.

Our Smart LED upgrade isn’t just a lighting system; it’s a game-changer in energy efficiency. By establishing an intelligent lighting network that covers our entire facility, we’ve gained the ability to customize lighting for specific tasks while optimizing energy use and providing superior illumination levels. This technology doesn’t just save energy; it sets a new standard for lighting efficiency.

Illuminating Environmental Benefits

The conversion of all 621 lighting bays to energy-efficient LEDs has resulted in a remarkable reduction of 524,506 kWh in our annual energy consumption. This translates to a significant one-third reduction from our previous energy usage levels. Additionally, the Smart LED system’s data collection capabilities open the door for further energy-saving opportunities, ensuring that our efforts continue to make a positive impact.

Embracing a Greener Future: Crownhill Packaging's Innovative Lighting Upgrade 2
Our commitment to reducing energy consumption not only benefits our bottom line but also has tangible environmental advantages. The annual energy savings achieved through our Smart LED upgrade is equivalent to conserving 460 acres of forest and eliminating the emissions of 83 cars. This translates to saving an impressive 43,901 gallons of gasoline annually. Furthermore, our lighting upgrade plays a pivotal role in shrinking our carbon footprint, resulting in significant reductions in CO2, nitrous oxide, and methane emissions.

Aligning with Sustainability Goals

Crownhill Packaging is proud to lead the way in aligning our operations with ambitious federal and provincial mandates aimed at achieving Carbon Net Zero electric grids by 2035. Through our participation in Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), we reaffirm our commitment to carbon neutrality and assure our stakeholders that our electricity consumption comes from Carbon Net Zero Sources.

Rodney Taylor, our Vice President, is enthusiastic about the positive impact of our Smart LED lighting upgrade: “It’s an investment in the future of our industry, improves the working environment for our employees, and is a visible indicator of our ongoing commitment to sustainable business operations.”

As part of the RECs program, we’ve gained access to a comprehensive Utility Bill Management system, streamlining administrative tasks, reducing costs, and enhancing overall efficiency. The Energy Efficiency Scorecard provided through this program allows us to transparently highlight our remarkable achievements in greenhouse gas emissions reduction and energy efficiency.

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For over 35 years, Crownhill Packaging has been at the forefront of delivering strategic and tailored packaging solutions to our diverse clientele. Our recent lighting upgrade underscores our role as industry pioneers, propelling the packaging sector towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

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