Is Custom Packaging Worthwhile

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Is Custom Packaging Worthwhile

Standing out in the e-commerce marketplace is not just about offering a stellar pre-purchase experience with quality websites or product design, it is also about ensuring a great post-purchase experience too. In fact, the post-purchase experience is often the most impactful as it can build brand loyalty and be the biggest factor in driving positive or negative customer reviews.

One powerful way to deliver quality of care for your product and customer is through custom packaging.

At first glance, you might assume custom packaging involves simply adding your company logo or design scheme to your packaging. In reality however, it goes far beyond that. Custom packaging includes optimizing your packaging so that it is tailored to your product and your customers’ needs.

In this article, Crownhill Packaging explores the many benefits that custom packaging can bring to both sellers and buyers. Learn more below!

The Benefits of Custom Packaging

There is no doubt that custom packaging can boost the visual appeal of your product when it arrives on your customer’s doorstep, but did you know that it can also directly benefit you as a seller?

Here are some of the key advantages of custom packaging:

More Protection For Your Products

You might not imagine that custom packaging can boost your product’s protection. But real custom packaging goes beyond just branding to also make sure your packaging is optimized for your product.

Part of this includes making sure your packaging is specifically tailored for your product’s dimensions, weight and materials. Rather than trying to find a good packaging option for your product, you will be able to get the very best packaging possible.

Compare this to standard packaging, where there are a limited number of sizes for mailers or boxes. While buyers can try to find the closest package that fits their product, there is still likely to be an unnecessary amount of void. This void might seem minor, but even the smallest of unfilled void puts the product at risk of damage during shipping.

Custom packaging ensures your products are well prepared to withstand knocks, drops and bumps during transit.

Reduced Packaging Waste

Alongside extra protection, custom packaging also helps cut expensive packaging waste and keep your packaging process more environmentally-responsible.

This is due to the reduction in packaging materials that are needed to box or package your product. Effectively, your products will be packaged to the most optimal level possible.

You can also take this benefit even further by partnering with an innovative, environmentally-responsible packaging supplier. For example, here at Crownhill Packaging, we open up custom packaging technologies to our clients that allow their businesses to become more sustainable.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Custom packaging also offers a financial benefit when it comes to shipping your product. And better yet, it will benefit both you and your customers by reducing shipping fees.

Shipping costs place a burden on both buyers and sellers, as many couriers charge fees based on the total size of the packaged product. This means that even if your product is smaller and you have opted to protect it with void filler, it could still be charged to the size of the box.

Over time, this can amount to a hefty cost for your business that may need to be passed on to customers, which may negatively impact your competitiveness. Custom packaging eliminates this cost by making sure your product gets the appropriately-sized packaging it needs for more affordable shipping.

Brand Awareness & Recognition

Last but not least, there is a clear aesthetic benefit to custom packaging.

While e-commerce stores cannot replicate the in-store experience that a customer receives when they purchase a product, they can demonstrate a quality customer experience through packaging.

A custom, branded product not only makes your product stand out among other parcels, but it also showcases your dedication to product quality. Customers will clearly appreciate this and many may choose to share your packaging design through social media, helping boost your brand visibility.

Get Custom Packaging For Your Business Today!

While custom packaging might appear like a premium option, its benefits mean it is an affordable, valuable and highly accessible option for businesses of any size. Not only does it contribute to marketing goals and add to the customer experience, but it also gives your products maximum protection while reducing your shipping and packaging costs.

To learn more about getting custom packaging solutions for your business, contact Crownhill Packaging today!

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