Packaging Distributors of America Strategy Meeting Unveils Vision for 2024

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Packaging Distributors of America Strategy Meeting Unveils Vision for 2024

The recent two-day strategy meeting hosted by the Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) in Chicago brought together key stakeholders—including the Board of Directors, Supplier Council, and Member Council—to develop the organization’s plans for 2024. The gathering also welcomed strategic guests and individuals with significant involvement in PDA’s initiatives.

The Meeting’s Agenda

The strategy meeting revolved around reviewing the accomplishments of both PDA and its membership in 2023 and outlining PDA plans and goals for 2024. Together, attendees contributed to evaluating the current strategy, developing key focus areas, and setting the stage for the future of PDA.

“The PDA strategy meeting provides a unique platform for industry leaders to come together and chart the course for the future,” says Rodney Taylor, Vice President at Crownhill Packaging. “It’s a collaborative effort that ensures our collective success.”

Preparing for the Meeting and its Objectives

Looking to foster productive discussion and effective time use, PDA encouraged its membership to engage in pre-work, focusing on several key areas:

  • Understand the current status of focus areas, goals, and activities.
  • Discuss membership successes and areas for improvement.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities, both internal and external.
  • Establish objectives and actions for the next two years.
  • Confirm a management system to measure progress.
  • Define how the refreshed plan will be communicated.

Attendees were provided with a high-level one-page Strategy Document, prompting them to prepare and organize their ideas. The Supplier and Member Councils were also tasked with reflecting on current challenges in completing existing plans, considering market conditions, customer demands, and economic trends.

“As Co-Chair of the Member Council, I believe in the power of shared insights,” says Olivia Pietersen, E-Commerce and Marketing Manager of Crownhill Packaging. “This meeting is an opportunity to tap into the diverse expertise within PDA, fostering innovation and growth.”

Sharing Survey Insights and a PDA Analysis

The meeting also covered an overview of suggestions gathered from the Member Survey. Providing valuable insights into the perspectives of PDA’s diverse membership, this data serves as a foundation for discussions on refining and enhancing the organization’s strategy.

A SWOT analysis was also performed during the meeting, encouraging participants to help develop a comprehensive look at PDA’s Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Threats.

Collaborating on PDA Decision-Making

By focusing on a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere, the meeting generated plenty of open discussions, idea sharing, and constructive feedback. By involving key stakeholders in decision-making processes, PDA harnessed the collective wisdom of its diverse membership.

Crownhill Packaging is Proud to be Part of Packaging Distributors of America

The PDA strategy meeting in Chicago marked a crucial milestone in shaping the organization’s future. With a focus on reflection, innovation, and collaboration, PDA’s leadership is poised to propel the organization towards success in 2024 and beyond.

Crownhill Packaging is proud to be part of PDA. As the packaging industry evolves, its commitment to process refining and innovating means it can meet coming challenges and opportunities head-on.

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