What Size Box Will Fit Into A Mailbox

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What Size Box Will Fit Into A Mailbox

With competition becoming fiercer than ever, it has become a golden rule for e-commerce companies to prioritize customer satisfaction from start to finish. That includes the post-dispatch and delivery experience, where quality products can easily be damaged through poor handling, adverse shipping conditions and more.

A seller can pre-empt these challenges by using secure, quality packaging to shield their product and by working with a reliable shipping agent to minimize mishandling risks. But even with all that extra attention, there is still one area that sellers overlook: whether the product and its packaging can fit through a mailbox.

Even if the product has been made with mailboxes in mind, packaging can often incidentally increase your product’s dimensions. This slight oversight becomes problematic when mailmen attempt to force the package through a mailbox, meaning your products arrive bent, broken or shattered.

But what if an innovative approach to packaging could solve this problem for businesses? As a market leader, Crownhill Packaging is proud to showcase Right Mailers™, a unique packaging system that significantly improves the chances of a successful delivery. Learn more about this system below!

What is Right Mailers™?

Right Mailers™ is an innovative packaging system that gives sellers greater confidence in quality customer service.

It works through a certification system that categorizes each type of packaging to a particular receptacle. So if your packaging is certified for community mailboxes and lobby boxes, you can confidently ship your product to customers who use them.

For sellers, this makes buying packaging much easier, as you will know exactly whether or not your packaging conforms with a type of delivery. For buyers, they can enjoy a contactless delivery without needing to wait around or worrying about a failed delivery attempt.

Right Mailers™ currently categorize packaging for five types of receptacles:

  • Parcel Lockers
  • Community Mailbox
  • Lobby Box
  • Smart Locker
  • Cluster Mailbox

Better yet, Right Mailers™ offers a clear, color-coded certification that makes it easy for sellers to find the most accessible packaging for their customers.

Discover the benefits Right Mailers™ can bring to your business below!

Increase Chances of First Delivery

Every customer expects a first delivery as a standard for their purchase, and many choose to expedite their delivery to receive their product when they need it.

However, a product may fail to meet first delivery because it and its packaging are wrongly sized for certain delivery receptacles.

This is a particular nuisance for customers in apartment buildings, which often rely on small, communal mailboxes. A courier may either attempt to force a product through a mailbox, which can cause potential damage, or leave a collection note that requires the recipient to travel to a post office. Both options are clearly detrimental to quality customer service.

Right Mailers™ helps sellers get ahead of this challenge by letting them know whether a package will fit through a mailbox or locker.

Decrease Delivery Costs

Another key benefit of Right Mailers™ is the decrease in delivery costs and energy consumption.

With a much higher chance of a successful first delivery, there is little need for customers or couriers to travel back and forth for a simple parcel delivery. This helps keep deliveries efficient in time and energy, all while removing any unnecessary inconvenience to the customer or courier.

This benefit also extends to cutting costs for both buyers and sellers too. Acting as the middleman, it is not uncommon for couriers to add surcharges for inconvenient shipping such as repeat delivery attempts. And in the event the customer is unwilling to pick up their parcel after a failed delivery, the courier may charge the seller a hefty return fee.

That is where Right Mailers™ come in to make sure you have optimal chances of a first delivery and a smooth purchase experience for your customers.

Guarantee Your Package’s Delivery with Right Mailers™

If you are wondering whether your product can ship to a customer who uses a mailbox or locker, why not use the Right Mailer system?

Rather than individually measuring your package and hoping it will fit in the average mailbox, Right Mailers™ does all the heavy work for you and lets you know what packaging is right for you and your customers. To learn more about using Right Mailers™ in your packaging, contact Crownhill Packaging today!

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