Packaging for Subscription Boxes: Design Tips & Best Practices

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Packaging for Subscription Boxes

In the evolving world of e-commerce, subscription boxes have carved a distinct niche for themselves. These carefully curated packages, packed with must-have items, offer customers a delightful blend of surprise and satisfaction on a regular basis.

And while selling subscription boxes offers businesses both big and small plenty of growth opportunities, getting the box’s design and packaging right is essential. This article aims to guide you through the process of designing and packaging a compelling subscription box that keeps subscribers excited for their monthly delivery. Read on to get started!

Packaging Size and Materials: The Building Blocks of Your Box

Let’s begin with the basics, the box’s size and the materials you are going to use to prepare it.

While your subscription box’s size will largely vary on the type of products you are selling, striking the right visual balance between being overpacked and underpacked is key.

Go too large with your choice of box, and you will risk ruining that sense of delight customers want to experience. Perception matters and if your box looks relatively empty for its size, your customers may be left feeling they have not got the value for money they expected, potentially causing them to cancel the subscription. This can and often does trip up many businesses, who may unknowingly forget that their box is underwhelming at the point of being opened because it is simply too big.

Alternatively, trying to pack your goods into a small box can seriously put it and the products at risk of damage during transit, especially if they contain sharp corners that could pierce the packaging or destroy the goods inside.

When it comes to sourcing the right packaging materials for subscription boxes, you will want to select based on the fragility and condition of your products. Some products, like fashion or books, need simple protective packaging without all the extra frills that can cost more than required for these products. On the other hand, other items may need extra materials or separate smaller packages, particularly for food or medicinal items which are typically sensitive to heat, moisture or open air.

Generally, subscription box favorites are mailer or shipping boxes due to their strong yet simple design. If you are unsure where to start, consider reaching out to a packaging company or consultant who has the expertise to guide you through your options.

Bonus tip: When crafting your box, consider the receptacle it will most likely be placed in. Unfortunately, one easy way to end a customer’s subscription past the first delivery is to package it in a box or mailer that does not easily fit without it being crushed or needing special delivery. Using a system like Right Mailers™ can make a real difference in getting your goods to your subscribers.

Design: Making a Visual Impact

Now let’s look beyond the essentials and consider one of the most important aspects of a successful subscription box, its design.

When designing your subscription box, you will want to craft a design that aligns with your company voice and tone. You will also want to be mindful of your sellers, their common interests and how your box’s design would blend into their everyday world while also standing out as a special product.

Here are some design elements you may want to consider when starting your design plan:

Logos and Images: A seamless integration of your logo or design layout can elevate the aesthetics of your box. It can also help to incorporate your own brand assets, patterns, or drawings to make it truly personalized and unique.

Colors: Using your brand colors for your packaging brings familiarity and trust. However, that should not mean you have to shy away from experimenting with colors to give your packaging a distinct look or feel. Dark colors can lend a touch of mystery or exclusivity, particularly for luxury products like fragrances and men’s body care, while light colors can suggest minimalism or cleanliness. Similarly, bright colors can catch your customer’s attention and make your packaging pop, ideal if your products are designed to be playful and fun.

Vectors: For a clear and high-quality print, choose vector graphics when designing your boxes. Using non-photogenic graphics and texts and saving your design as an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file or vector-based PDF can help avoid any hiccups during the printing process.

The Art of the Unboxing Experience

Once you have the materials and design ready for your subscription box, you will want to embellish it with special touches for when the consumer opens it.

One key element that can add subtle styling to your box is your choice of void fill. Void fill is the material you use to fill the empty spaces in your box. While they work to cushion your products against common hazards in transit, the type of void fill you choose to add to your box can also work to improve the unboxing experience. For example, void fill products like crinkled paper can add a craftlike, homemade appeal to your box.

Remember that void fill can also create a negative experience for your users. For instance, a growing number of consumers are becoming environmentally conscious in their spending habits and are therefore more likely to end their subscription if they find it hard to recycle, reuse or compost leftover void fill.

Learn more about selecting the right form of void fill for your product, buyer and business needs here.

Perfect Your Subscription Box with Crownhill Packaging

It is clear that subscription boxes offer businesses an exciting new way to generate revenue, connect more closely with customers, and diversify their product range. But getting your box from thought starter to the doorstep takes careful consideration that can come with some easy-to-avoid pitfalls, especially if this a new venture to you.

Getting the support from experienced packaging suppliers can make a real difference in giving you a subscription box that customers just have to renew year after year. Here at Crownhill Packaging, we provide a wide range of custom packaging services and solutions across North America, including those well-suited for environmental sustainability.

To learn more about our packaging products and how we can help you with your subscription box service, reach out to our experienced team today!

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