The Benefits of Custom Foam-Packaging Inserts

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Benefits of Custom Foam Inserts

While there are many factors that ruin a buying experience, one of the most disappointing ones has to be when a product arrives on your doorstep damaged.

After all, as a buyer, you have probably invested plenty of time to find the right product. You have likely done research into how this product can solve your need and were excited to open it once it arrived. But after having your hopes dashed with a ruined product, you may rightfully want to retaliate.

Your retaliation might involve requesting a refund or making a complaint to the seller and courier. You might even want to spare others from the same experience by leaving a negative review on your social media or on the seller’s site, which could potentially be seen by thousands of people. Whichever approach you choose, all will have a profound effect on the buyer because they likely did not properly package their products for shipping.

If you are a business owner, do not let your business suffer the same fate as the one above. Although accidents do happen in transit, one way to significantly minimize this risk is by cushioning products. Void fillers like packing peanuts are often ideal for filling space in boxes, but another option that can offer even more security is foam inserts.

In this post, we will explore just why foam packaging inserts are vital for packaging a fragile product and how they help deliver a more positive experience for your buyer. Learn more below!

1. Provides Highest Level Of Protection

First and foremost, one of the biggest benefits of foam inserts is that they offer excellent protection against the knocks, shakes, and drops that can occur in transit.

Instead of filling up most of the space in a packaging box like void filler does, foam inserts aim to fill the entirety of the package aside from the product. This means the product cannot shift in the box, which is often the main cause for products being scuffed, chipped or cracked in transit.

Foam inserts are particularly useful if you are shipping items made from fragile materials like ceramics or glass. Certain types of jewellery and electronics may benefit from being packaged around foam inserts too.

2. Quick & Easy Packing

If you are packaging products at scale, making sure your packaging process runs efficiently is crucial. While businesses are not fully able to control delivery times, they can speed things up by having an efficient packaging and dispatch process. A fast delivery is a great way to boost any buyer’s satisfaction, and many may choose to make repeat purchases based on this.

Foam inserts are excellent in filling void at a great pace and scale. While foam inserts aim to take up as much space as possible in packaging boxes, their light foam structure means they do so without adding significant weight. They are also made to closely enclose the shape of your product, making a packing process speedy and almost effortless without sacrificing on standards.

3. Product Presentation for Customers

Finally, it is important to remember that opening a package is an experience in itself. It is likely to be your customer’s first interaction with your product and, despite the adage to never judge a book by its cover, first impressions really do matter.

Packaging your product around foam inserts gives a very professional appearance to your product as it becomes the center of your buyer’s attention. Compare this to the messier alternative of loose void filler, where products can look “lost” in a box among a sea of loose packing peanuts.

Looking For Custom Packaging Inserts? Call Crownhill Packaging!

Foam inserts are clearly an excellent way to safely deliver a quality product to your buyer. But choosing to use foam inserts is only the first step in giving your customers a better buying experience. It is also just as important to select the right packaging supplier for your foam inserts to ensure they are made from quality materials. Otherwise, your efforts and research could be in vain.

If you are interested in purchasing foam packaging or other custom packaging solutions for your business, get in touch with Crownhill Packaging. As a key market leader and innovator in the packaging industry, we ensure our clients receive the very latest high-quality packaging technologies available. Contact us today to learn more!

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