What's The Best Way To Ship Small Items?

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Best Way To Ship Small Items

It is fair to say that if you asked the average person how they would ship an item to a customer, friend or family member, their first thought would be to simply put it in a cardboard box and send it off.

After all, cardboard boxes are cost-effective, sturdy and also lightweight. But are they really necessary when it comes to delivering smaller items like electronics or apparel?

Placing any of these items in a rectangular cardboard box seems wasteful, especially when you factor in the size of the box and the need for void filler to prevent damage. There is also the environmental impact of inefficient shipping to consider – something consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of.

Thankfully, there is a solution! Packaging mailers are a great alternative to cardboard boxes when shipping smaller items. In this post, we will explore the benefits of mailers for shipping small items and help you find the right mailer for your product. Read more below!

The Different Kinds of Mailers

A mailer is a special form of packaging that has a similar shape and size to an envelope. But unlike simple paper, mailers provide extra padding that cushion products and help fill any damage-inducing void. This gives sellers greater confidence that products can be safely sent in transit without being knocked. It also gives buyers added convenience too, as many mailers can easily fit through mailboxes.

Mailers are also ideal for shipping smaller items because of their diversity. In fact, there is a rich range of mailers that can cater to different purposes and products. Let’s take a look at some of these types below:

Kraft Bubble Mailers

Best Way To Ship Small Items - Kraft Bubble Mailers

The most common mailer is the Kraft Bubble Mailer. They often have an almost glossy exterior made from kraft paper, while its interior is bubble-lined to give it extra cushioning.

Kraft Bubble Mailers are exceptionally lightweight, making them environmentally-efficient and also very portable for your buyer. They are very easy to seal as they often have a self-adhesive strip.

Kraft Bubble Mailers are both cost-effective and secure, helping you ship small products economically and with ease. Consider using these mailers to ship items with low-fragility, such as books, cables, and handcrafted items. Kraft Bubble Mailers can be recycled, but consumers will need to separate the kraft paper from the bubble plastic first, something many people are unaware of.

Poly Bubble Mailers

Best Way To Ship Small Items - Poly Bubble Mailers

Poly Bubble Mailers share a similar appearance to Kraft Bubble Mailers. But instead of having a kraft paper exterior, they are made from polyethylene film.

The polyethylene exterior gives it extra strength and resistance against water, something to be mindful of if you are shipping items that are highly susceptible to water damage like books or gadgets.

A minor downside to Poly Bubble Mailers is their recyclability. While Poly Bubble Mailers are recyclable, many are not eligible for curbside recycling. Consumers will therefore have to go to a drop-off point or find an alternative way to recycle the mailer. There are curbside recyclable mailers available on the market, however.

Padded Mailers

Best Way To Ship Small Items - Padded Mailers

If you need a mailer that can package fragile items, like jewellery and CDs, then Padded Mailers are an excellent choice.

Like Bubble Mailers, Padded Mailers are lightweight, self-adhesive, and are easily transportable. However, they also add extra protection from the usual knocks and shakes that happen in shipping due to their extra-thick padding.

Poly Courier Mailers

Best Way To Ship Small Items - Poly Mailers

Like the options above, Poly Courier Mailers are lightweight. These mailers often resemble opaque plastic bags and may have internal padding to cushion your product for transit. And just like other mailers, Poly Courier Mailers do not require any void filler to hold your product in place.

Board Mailers

Board Mailers are recommended for shipping literature items. This includes anything from professional literature like certificates and legal documents to hobby products like collectible comic books and artwork.

The paper board inside acts as a shield, preventing the mailer and its contents from being bent or folded. It also signals to couriers and recipients that this product should be handled with extra care.

Eco-Friendly Mailers

Best Way To Ship Small Items - Eco-Friendly Mailers

Being environmentally-responsible is crucial for businesses in 2022 and beyond. Not only does it help keep packaging sustainable (and affordable), but it also demonstrates to your buyer that your business is actively participating in a greener economy. This is something many buyers will appreciate, especially since a growing number of consumers now adjust their buying preferences based on the seller’s environmental responsibility.

As previously mentioned, some mailers are harder to recycle than others, and consumers might feel frustrated or even guilty that they cannot recycle these mailers. As a buyer, you can make this easier for them by choosing a reputable, eco-friendly packaging supplier.

Here at Crownhill Packaging, we partner with innovative packaging manufacturers to offer you environmentally-sustainable mailers, like the Ecojacket™. This mailer is ideal for safely packaging smaller items while also making it easier than ever to recycle it on the curbside.

Ecojacket curbside recyclable mailer

Get Wholesale, High-Quality Mailers with Crownhill Packaging

When it comes to shipping smaller items, it is clear that mailers are the most cost-effective and consumer-friendly choice.

But choosing the right type of packaging still does not guarantee a great shipping experience, even with a trusted courier. Ensure your packaging is top-quality by choosing a reputable packaging supplier like Crownhill Packaging. We offer your business custom packaging solutions, including custom printing options, that are innovative, consumer-friendly, and environmentally-responsible. Contact us today to learn more!

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